Skydivie Canyonlands Utah

Skydive Canyonlands
Utah Skydivine At It’s Best!

Learning to skydive is a uniquely thrilling experience allowing anyone in reasonably good health the opportunity to momentarily “escape the surly bonds of earth”.
You’ll be jumping out of a specially-equipped airplane and harnessed to an experienced skydiving instructor who has your safety in mind, first and foremost. The skydiving experience begins with a 30-minute classroom session (ground school) during which a student can ask many questions and learn the following procedures:
- How to safely walk on airport taxiways and around small aircraft.
- How to prepare for your first skydive from a
Cessna-182 aircraft, especially modified to transport you to a location and altitude selected with your enjoyment and safety in mind .
- Then, you’ll jump from the aircraft safely (woohoo!) and position your body efficiently during the free fall, an incredible 35-second “flight” you will never forget!
- Relax and enjoy your 7-minute canopy glide above the earth and the gentle decent back to earth.
- Finally, you’ll learn to transition to firm ground safely, as your instructor releases and cares for your equipment and harness.
Congratulations! You have done what most of your peers only dream of… You have conquered your fear and experienced a truly unique freedom that only skydiving can offer. It’s a kind of freedom that will last a lifetime.