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A Moab vacation video by a customer:

Examiner Review

Skydive Canyonlands is located among the beautiful sandstone cliffs and arches of Moab, Utah. If there’s any place to skydive, especially for your first time, Moab is the place to do it...

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Paul and Carlos rocked my world

I live in Moab, work in Moab, and I know Paul & Carlos from my place of employment. Outside of work these guys are awesome individuals to begin with. As my friend and I arrived at the airport, there was Carlos greeting us.. All business when they are on the clock. I felt their passion for this 'hobby' of theirs.. Both guys took their time to ensure we knew what to do and when to do it. I liked that. Getting suited up the guys took their time and I seen that this is more to them than a paycheck.
— missmarlam, Moab

How hard is it to fall?

Paul, Carlos, Cody, and their pilot (I forgot his name) were great! My wife, daughters, and I met Paul first. He was joking with us all the way to the hangar and he could tell our daughters needed a little discipline. We met Carlos and Cody who were friendly and enjoyed our crazy girls. After suiting up, Carlos had me practice some of the jumping procedures so I had an idea of what I needed to do to make this an enjoyable jump for all involved. On the way up we took some time to enjoy the beautiful landscape, made some final preparations, and practiced "my job." I could tell that Carlos was interested in our safety. My family watched from the hangar as I parachuted in, landing softly on my butt. This was a highly enjoyable experience! These guys know what they are doing and know how to keep you safe!

I'm not sure what Paul did while I was up in the air, but when I came back down my girls were very well behaved.
— kickbuttJ, Salt Lake City

What a dive!

The skydiving itself was top notch. You can't ask for a more beautiful place to fly over and parachute down into. The plane was kind of small and rickety, so it was a relief to jump out of it. The instructors were pretty crass. They were nice enough, but they were constantly swearing and making off color comments. I went with a group of friends using groupons. There had been a scheduling error so they weren't planning on us, but they accommodated us anyway.
— Falcore44, Provo


i wasnt the one jumping but a family member was and it stil was sooo much fun! they made us feel welcome an it was fun! we laughed alot and it was a great expericence! i will surly be jumping with canyonlands next year!
— Lexie T, Vernal, UT

Good experience Skydiving ini Skydive Canyonlands

Good experience Skydiving in Skydive Canyonlands
I went with a friend on Sunday and I have a very fantastic experience! The landscape is amazing!
Thanks Paul and Carlos, you guys are the best!
— Henry O, Bogota, Colombia

The pleasure to die for

The best thing I've ever done! The best pleasure I've ever experienced. Thank you Paul and Carlos for saving our lives...but.. IF something wouldn't go well, it would be the happiest death ever! It was my first jump that I will always remember and can't wait for the next 999...You injected me with Adrenalin so be ready, I will chase you up in the sky :)
— Oxana, Salt Lake City

Love these guys!

love Skydive Canyonlands! Okay, here's the deal though: I was talking to Paul, the guy that owns the place, about the living social voucher that I bought when I went. Turns out the living social people kind of screwed him over with their whole "get three friends to buy it and you get your voucher free" thing. Anyway, I would just call him before you buy the voucher if you have a group bigger than two and see when he can accommodate your group.

Other than that, these guys are great. Paul has done over 10,000 jumps himself, and Carlos, the guy I jumped with, has done over 1300. Their primary concern is your safety, but they also make it so fun! They're so funny and friendly and get you pretty excited for your jump. And the view over Moab is breathtaking. I would definitely skydive with these guys again.

Just as a heads up, Paul's pretty busy during the day, so he's best reached before or after regular business hours. Also, when you go in the terminal, the guys might not be there. If they're not, they're probably in the hangar out back. Just give them a call or see if someone can get you through the gate.
— Rachel S, Provo, UT

Wonderful Experience

It's hard to explain skydiving for your first time. I read the reviews before I wrote this. Paul might seem a little over the top, but any sensible person can read him. My opinion, he's trying to see if you have it in you or not. I appreciated both my jumps very much. I went with Carlos first, and Paul the second time. Carlos gave me a good first time jump.......Paul gave me the jump I was looking for. That was freakin awesome.....even the guys on the ground packing the chutes watching us coming down mentioned that we were "rippin". Paul might not be for everyone, but skydiving isn't for everyone. I vote Paul for President. Literally one of the best experiences of my life. Thanks Paul, Carlos, and crew. I'll be back.

P.S. I having nothing to gauge this against since it was my first time. I paid for the pics and the video. Well worth the money. Keeps the memory alive. Just got the package today and ready to head back and jump again. Lifetime jump junky from here on out.
— Jordan G, Rockford, IL

Against my better judgement!

After reading the reviews for Skydive Canyonlands and their competitor I decided to try Skydive Canyonlands even though their ratings were all over the place. The money savings was just too much. My wife tried to convince me to go with the better ratings, but what can I say, I'm cheap. I am thrilled with my choice. Paul and crew were awesome. These guys know skydiving and they are passionate about it. Even though it was busy the day I visited everyone was patient and answered all the questions I had for them. The 15 or 20 minute flight was amazing and was an added bonus. I will be back.
— Big Blue, Moab

Great Experience!

My wife has always wanted to skydive. I bought it for her for Christmas for didn't use it until August. It was a great time! She couldn't wipe the smile from her face! Make sure you get the video - very professional job. Thanks Paul!
— Brian W, Kaysville, UT